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Initials Linked Heart Watch Charm

Initials Linked Heart Watch Charm

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Type here what two initials you would like. The linked heart will be included in between them.

This watch charm slides right onto your watch band to add some personalization and fun to your watch! They will fit on smart watch bands and regular watch bands that are 7/8" wide or skinnier. They make perfect and unique gifts!

It is 1/4" tall and made of a lightweight pure aluminum.
It is not a solid bar - the ends come together in the back as shown in the 3rd picture. It's very easy to put on. You just slide it up the band to where you would like it to be located.
It will fit a band that is 7/8" wide (where you would like the charm to be at). If the band is skinnier than this it will be loose and move around. If the band is wider than this, it simply will not go on.

The band is not included. You will only receive the charm!

-----------ABOUT ALUMINUM-------------

These are made of 1100 pure aluminum. There is a much lower rate of skin reaction with pure aluminum than with sterling silver. It will never tarnish, discolor or rust. It does not leave green marks on your skin like other metals. Aluminum is a metal that is easy to maintain. It polishes to a nice shine with a polishing cloth. Aluminum is silver in color.

-----------------PLEASE NOTE-------------

➜Please remember that we hand stamp each item so there may be some slight variations and light marring on the back of the item from the stamping. At times, some words may not measure exactly centered on the item. Also sometimes not all letters, numbers and designs will be perfectly aligned or stamped the same depth as each other as this is the nature of hand stamping. This adds character and uniqueness to your items. We do try our best though to achieve that perfect and straight look :)

➜The black in the stamping can fade out either over time or if it is rubbed or gotten wet. We recommend not wearing the charm in the shower as the black will fade faster doing so. The stamping will still be there it just won't be blackened in. There is no permanent solution to keeping the black in. If the black does fade out of your stamping, please message us and we can help you to get it looking new again!

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