Our current processing time is 1-3 business days. Shipping is $4.50. Orders over $35, shipping is free!


1. If I ordered the wrong size, will I be able to exchange it?

Unfortunately for custom orders, we will not be able to exchange for a different size. If the item is non custom, an exchange can be made but the buyer must pay for all shipping costs.

2. What are the care instructions?

As with all jewelry, our pieces are delicate and care is to be given when wearing them, putting them on or removing them.

♥For All Bracelets:
We recommend opening the bracelets just enough to fit onto your wrist sideways and then rotate it to the front once it is on your wrist rather than opening them up wide to fit on over the top of your wrist. This will extend the life of your piece and help maintain it's form.

♥For All Aluminum Items:
They can be worn in the shower, pool, ocean, etc. as the metal will not tarnish or rust. However, we recommend not doing so as it will cause the blackening to fade out of the stamping faster.

♥For Brass and Copper Bracelets:
Remove when they have a chance of coming into contact with water.

3. Will the jewelry tarnish, rust or turn my skin green or cause an allergic reaction?

All of our silver jewelry is made out of 1100 pure aluminum. There is a much lower rate of skin reaction with pure aluminum. It does not contain lead or nickel. It will not rust, tarnish or turn your skin green.

Our brass and copper bracelets will tarnish (form a patina) from sweat and water and turn your skin green once the protective wax wears off. This can be cleaned off with a jewelry cleaner.

4. What is your return policy?

If your item is customized/personalized, we do not accept returns or exchanges.

If you have purchased an item that is exactly like the example picture and has not been customized in any way, we can accept a return/exchange on it.

The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs.

5. Why is there a processing time?

All of our items are hand stamped to order, letter by letter. We try to process as quickly as possible but at times the volume of orders may be larger than other times, causing the processing time to be on the far end of the time frame.

6. What if I need to rush an order (process quicker than standard processing time)?

If you need an order rushed, please contact us (info@stampedexpressionsco.com), before purchasing to make sure that we can accommodate and the correct shipping method is purchased.